Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fun and games, Google and Novell's different Wednesdays.

Trying to sort the routing this morning for the new exchange server, with the help of our friendly local firewall guy. I've never learned any PIX, and on the evidence of this morning I think I probably got the good end of the deal there. It's a bit of fun, eh? Anyway, the upshot is it's sorted now, and I've learned a valuable lesson: When you make a change to your firewall - TAKE OUT THE REDUNDANT ENTRIES. This will then save the time and sanity of your replacement as he tries to reverse engineer the inner machinations of your DMZ (tell me you have one of those) via IP addresses which may or may not either be: a) still be in use b) assigned to a different machine or best of all and my personal favourite; c) assigned to a machine of the same name which has since been rebuilt and now has a completely different function. And you can add comments on PIX entries too, so take a second and put 'em in. The lifespan of networking equipment is considerably longer than the tenure of the average IT worker, so I'm sure karma will come into this somewhere down the track.

Google, I see, are writing off $768 million, due to the decline, fall, and plummet from space of AOL. They want out completely, and I think the only thing they can be blamed for there is taking too long to bite the bullet. The sooner the excresence that was America Online gets wiped from the face of the earth, the better.

Novell would probably like to be able to afford to write off something else other than another tranche of workers, but they can't. Be nice if the job losses could stop now, please.

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