Monday, February 2, 2009

A day of deep joy...

How I love sysadmining while surrounded by morons. Today's a prime example. We have an accountancy application which is, like most of these things, just about OK when used in the environment which it was designed for. Local domain, fat client, normal, networked printer. Even then, it's needed a fair bit of tweaking to get it right - it prints from an environment variable, for example, because thats the way it does it. It's one of them.

Someone tried to put it on citrix and we had a nightmare with it. We couldn't get it to print properly at all, despite the application vendor's being on site for a couple of days and dialling in god knows how many times. So I made sure that the people who needed to use it got full-fat clients, quick sharp. Everyone happy.

Except some genius has decided that it would be just too great for someone at a related institute across town to be able to dial into our accounting application through citrix. And our interface to the outside world, I might add, is rubbish. Not in terms of speed, but reliability of service of certain things. We have other people who connect through citrix, for example. Sometimes their printer auto-creation works, sometimes it doesn't. Depends on the wind. Sometimes it takes five minutes to log into NFuse (that's how far behind we are); sometimes, seconds. Reboot router, phone up ISP and complain. Right now, those are our options. So it's not going to work. In a month of Sundays. Even if it did work in the first place, which it doesn't.

Obviously, someone's ego's going to be bruised when it becomes apparent that this is going to have be er, altered. No guesse for who's going to end up wearing it, though. Be nice if I got asked at the start, for once.

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