Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun with Exchange mailboxes, part 2...

I'm in the middle of upgrading our organization to Exchange 2007 from 2003, and I'm currently "enjoying" the effects that adding a 2007 server to our Exchange organization's having. Not only does it screw our existing global address list, but helpfully, it's also "updated" it so that I can no longer administer it from the Exchange 2003 box. Marvellous.

I've also discovered that I've got a few shared mailboxes out there that have dissappeared, altogether, from any address list. So now, I can't even get my users to see them - which is lovely for our internal marketing, as we're rolling out a new desktop image. It's an issue I can really do without. Tonight I'm going to rebuild the Recipient Update Services on the 2003 box and hope like hell something shows up tomorrow.

On the image rollout, we've been ordered to put Office 2007 on the new image, which as you probably know, is more different to previous versions of Office than any release ever. One would expect some staff training - for our users - to be in order, then. But no. The person who's supposed to be doing THAT, had Office 2007 installed nearly a year before everyone else for precisely that reason, and who was one of the main drivers for putting Office on seems to have rinsed their hands of it. No guessing which department everyone's looking at to blame. IT and short memories seem to be natural bedfellows around here.

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