Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Citrix finding a new raison d'etre?

I talked before about Citrix being a company in need of a new killer app. Virtualization, it seems, is where Citrix are putting their money on their new future being.

They paid out $500m for open-source virtualization company XenSource, and have been aggressive in pushing their new baby. They've also got an interesting take on the cloud / no cloud thing. They reckon companies need internal clouds first - hosted of course, on Citrix virtualization / application delivery boxes - to be ready to take advantage of the opportunities when the bridges to the real cloud fall into place. They've developed Citrix Cloud Center too, to push to the third-party cloud vendors, just so you're in no doubt they're serious.

Now they're collaborating with Intel, creating a bare-metal hypervisor based on the Xen one, probably aimed at delivering virtualized desktops, which will have the considerable bonus of being fully encryted.

Now all they need to do is get the Xen hypervisor integrated with HP's industry leading System Insight Manager. Fortunately, it's apparently "on the list."

Just when I thought they looked dead and buried, Citrix suddenly looks like it might not be takeover fodder after all.

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